Prenatal Counselling

drjafarkhan Prenatal Counselling is then about the prevention of stress and promotion of well-being in pregnant women, helping them to create a positive first bond with their babies, and making sure they are prepared to welcome them.

Conventional Ventilators

drjafarkhan Conventional Ventilators provides breathing support for infants and children who are too ill or immature to breathe on their own. We follow a patient-centered model of treatment. By putting the patient first, we bring together all the Hospital's resources to meet a child's needs.

High Frequency Ventilators

drjafarkhan A high-frequency ventilator (HFV) is a ventilator that delivers breathing process much faster than a conventional ventilator. HFVs are a type of mechanical ventilation for premature new-borns. Very sick Preemies need faster ventilator support to learn how to breathe on their own.

CPAP Machine

drjafarkhan The CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine helps premature babies who are at high risk of developing breathing problems because their lungs are not yet mature enough to make this switch without some extra help.

Total Parenteral Nutrition

drjafarkhan Total Parenteral Nutrition is the medical term for infusing a specialized sort of food through a vein (intravenously). The goal of the treatment is to correct or forestall deficiency disease. Parenteral Nutrition provides liquid nutrients, as well as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

Kangaroo Mother Care

drjafarkhanKangaroo Mother Care is a methodology of look after for preterm infants. The method involves infants being carried, sometimes by the mother with skin-to-skin contact. This guide is meant for health professionals accountable for the care of low-birth-weight or Preterm infants.

Developmental Care

drjafarkhan Developmental Care is an approach to for the Personal care of infants to maximise neurological development and reduce long-term cognitive and behavioural problems. While advances in perinatal care have resulted in decreased mortality rates in preterm neonates, morbidity rates remain significantly high.

Support for Breast Feeding

drjafarkhan Support for breastfeeding and recommends that “infants ought to be completely breastfed for the primary six months of life to achieve best growth, development and health.” In addition, “infants ought to receive nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods whereas breastfeeding continues for up to 2 years or beyond”.

ROP Screening

drjafarkhan Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) may be a disorder of the developing cornea of low birth weight preterm infants that probably ends up as cecity defects in a little but considerable share of those infants. In almost all term infants, the retina and retinal vasculature are fully developed, and ROP cannot occur at any point of time.

Care birth including Advanced Neonatal Resuscitation

drjafarkhan Neonatal Resuscitation is a critical skill necessary to assist the new-born’s transition from a fluid-filled intrauterine environment dependent on a maternal-placental function to an independent in an air-filled extrauterine environment.

Transport Ambulance with dedicated Transport Consultant

drjafarkhan The groups (which comprises of the supervising / group action of a Transport Adviser throughout traditional operating hours and therefore the supervising of an in-house Adviser at alternative times) of an unit comprised of skilled and practiced employees from the Maternity Hospitals; these clinical groups are supported by a devoted crews of Ambulance service.

Cooling Machine for Therapeutic Hypothermia

drjafarkhan Hypothermia is a medical Therapeutic emergency that attacks once in human body loses heat quicker than it generates normal heat, inflicting a perilously low vital sign. We use high technology machines for curing of Hypothermia.

Ultrasound Machine for Head Scans and Echocardiograms

drjafarkhan Health providers usually use medical Sonograms or Ultrasounds throughout physiological condition, associate sonogram, usually brought up as a viscus echo or just associate echo, may be a sonogram of the heart. ECG or Echocardiography technique uses customary two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and physicist ultrasound to make images of the heart.