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Indore Newborn Care Centre - Indore’s First Neonatal unit with all the modern facilities of a tertiary neonatal unit. We are proud to present a unique neonatal setup providing holistic care for newborn babies. We are a MonoSpeciality Hospital focusing on the care of the vulnerable infants because we believe that these babies deserve the care of trained Specialists.

Indore Newborn Care Centre is led by Dr. Jafar Khan who is best child specialist doctor has been trained in Neonatology from Fernandez Hospital for Women and Newborn Care at Hyderabad.

Our Unit is unique as it provides round the clock service to Infants with special care by Neonatologist and pediatrician in Indore.

Indore Newborn Care, the best child hospital in Indore, is the first unit in Indore having concept of dedicated neonatal care with full time Neonatologist. Here we are fully involved with life of newborn however also upset for brain of baby hence we are here with the Indore’s first Newborn Care, who brought infant cooler for therapeutic hypothermia therapy for harsh life of choked infants.

The Indore Newborn Care, Child Specialist Hospital in Indore, has Pediatric ICUs (PICU) and Neonatal ICUs (NICU) to provide special care to critically ill infants and newborns. Care of sick children has been one of the bases in our planning and the center delivers full services for strong child health.

SnS hospital and advanced neonatal care centre Indore

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Dr Jafar Khan is an experienced doctor. He makes sure that parents understands all the do's and dont's for their kids health before they leave his clinic. He never prescribes pathological test unless and until it is very much required. We highly recommend him.

Nitin Dixit, Indore

Dr Jafar Khan is gem of the doctors. He is among very few genuine doctors I have ever met.. Caring and loving attitude for children. Thank you Doctor for everything.

Naveen Sharma, Indore

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इंदौर की एकमात्र नवजात शिशु चिकित्सा इकाई जहाँ नवजात शिशु चिकित्सक उपलब्ध.

इंदौर & मध्यप्रदेश की प्रथम अवं एकमात्र नवजात शिशु चिकित्सा इकाई जहाँ Birth asphyxia से पीड़ित नवजात शिशुओं के लिए जीवनदान देने वाली कुलिंग मशीन उपलब्ध.

सभी तरह के आधुनिक उपकरण (Ventilators, CPAP, Phototherapy etc.)

बेडसाइड इको मशीन उपलब्ध.

TPN machine for fluid preparation.

CPAP machine

सुविधा संपन्न नवजात शिशु संबंधी ट्रांसपोर्ट एम्बुलेंस।

सबसे किफायती दर पर सबसे अच्छी देखभाल.

Best Newborn care at affordable cost.